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I am Marcel Pleess.2013-09-03 15.51.33

Eversince I was and am very curious and full of ideas.

As I do a lot of sports I am very interested in health. That’s why I became Paramedic and Physician for natural medicine, even working in my own practice.

Therefor I know that you should have at least 7-8 portions of vegetables and fruit every day to keep yourself healthy. That could be sufficiant, if you didn’t have any stress. But since these 8 portions of fruit and vegetables, which have to be organic, also raise the cost of living a lot, I realized that many of my clients couldn’t afford this healthy lifestyle.

Concern about money is just enough stress. As I have known this issue myself, I went out searching a way to make this work.

And as I created this website you know I was lucky finding something. And yes, it is about making money!

Before I started my own practice I was working in different companies. Even when I made good money, I started not to like the working times (sometimes 12h+). And whenever it came to planning holidays, there was never more then 2-3 weeks off.

I know that is already about double than in Canada or other places. But just imagine you had a life of which you wouldn’t need a timeout. What if vacation was normal and you’d still get paid for it?

The world is filled with opportunities, but which one could be the right one for me? I’ve started in network marketing, which is the most amazing way to “work” so far. Even though there are incredible products out there,  I didn’t want to be the sales person. It works and brings you towards passive income- IF you reach a certain level.

What else could there be to bring passive income? Your bank account might not bring in any interest left. This concept does with a pretty good Return on invest!

I just got back home from a 4 week trip to Northamerica. Guess what the best point is? I even made money while traveling.

If ever you’d like making money while you’re not even actively working, check this out!

My way to real passive income


And feel free to doublecheck it. I did it myself when I got to know this in the first place. I even checked it for several months.